Hiring An Outside Cleaning Company For Your Restaurant

Hiring the right cleaning service for your restaurant has never been more important for your employees as well as your valued guests. As the owner or manager, your time should be devoted to food preparation, staff, marketing and finance and keeping and growing your customer base. When choosing the right restaurant cleaning business, look for a company that is well equipped to handle the needs of your establishment and has the experience and knowhow to do get the job done to your satisfaction.

You must also consider the services you require and what areas need cleaning and what your expectations are. During the interview process with your potential restaurant cleaning service be specific. Make a list, such as the one below, to make sure both you and your professional cleaning service are on the same page.

Areas to consider include:

  • Kitchen – Sweeping and mopping floors, including walk-ins, sanitize all countertops and surfaces, thoroughly wash and remove food particles from tops and sides of equipment, degrease exhaust hoods and fans, clean all equipment such as ovens, stoves, broilers, and deep fryers and taking out the trash.
  • Bathroom – Sweep and mop floors and empty trash from bins, restock soap, toilet paper and other paper products and deep clean all surfaces including toilets, countertops, and sinks
  • Lobby, Dining room & Managers Office – Clean windows, vacuum, sweep, and/or mop the floors, dust all hard surfaces, and including light fixtures, clean out crevices in chairs and booths and clean and sanitize tabletops

Remember, when hiring a cleaning company for your restaurant, they are not your employees and work for a separate business. However, while they are working within your establishment, you want to mare sure you’ve hired a company the represents you well and lives up to your standards of excellence.

Keeping your restaurant clean is important for a number of reasons and as you’re considering handling the job in house or hiring an outside service consider these facts:


Keeping & Growing Customer Base – No one is going to come back to a restaurant that gives off a bad first impression and even before tasting the food, the customers first impression will be with the cleanliness of your establishment. In fact, they may not even stay to try the food.

Preventing Infectious Diseases – Cleaning as well as sanitizing prevents the spread of infectious diseases like coronavirus, norovirus, bacterial growth and seasonal flu. These germs and contagious diseases can spread rapidly and effect your staff as well as your guests,

Passing Health Inspections – No one looks forward to a visit from the health inspector but with a reputable cleaning service, you can have peace of mind knowing that food prep areas are free of germs and bacteria.

Cross Contamination – Work stations and hoods must be properly cleaned, degreased and wiped down to avoid old food particles from getting into the fresh food you’re preparing.

A Happy & Healthy Work Environment – Finding and keeping good employees has never been more challenging. Offering your employees a clean safe place to work will go a long way in showing them you respect them and care about their working conditions.

Most professional restaurant cleaning services will be able to accommodate your needs and will be flexible about their working hours as well as the services you require and working within your budget. If your restaurant is considering an outside professional restaurant cleaning service, please give Reflections Extreme Clean a call at 248-295-1261 for your free consultation and quote

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