Screening: Checked Daily for any symptoms of illness

Sanitized before entry: ALL staff thoroughly sanitizes hands before entering the home

Social Distancing: Cleaners maintain a 6 Foot distance at all times through out service

Supplies: Freshly Laundered, Color Coded , Disinfectant supplies used for each cleaning

High Touch Areas: Hospital Grade cleaning supplies used to help disinfect high touch areas

Our Service is here to make sure that your environment is safe and healthy at all costs.






 High Touch clean for Businesses 

With Our High Touch Clean it helps to minimize and maintain a clean space to prevent exposure to bacteria. Disinfecting Common areas are extremely important as they are likely to transmit germs.

We make sure to disinfect :

Main Door Knobs

Conference Room Tables & Chairs

Common space and Counter tops

Faucets and Sinks

Kitchen Areas

Appliance Handles & Buttons

Key Boards & Telephones